Knight Masonry

Grand Council of Knight Masons is a Sovereign Masonic Order with control of the ancient Irish degrees known as the Red Cross or Babylonian Degrees. These ancient Irish Degrees of Knight Masonry are of high esoteric and symbolic value and the building of the second Temple forms the theme.

Knight Masonry contains those Degrees which are worked within a Council of Knight Masons under the jurisdiction of the Grand Council of Knight Masons. Grand Council of Knight Masons was formally constituted in 1923 to look after the Degrees which were previously worked by Royal Arch Chapters, Preceptories of High Knight Temp!ars and even a Prince Rose Croix Chapter.

There are three Degrees in Knight Masonry formerly known as the Red Cross Degrees:

Knight of the Sword

Formerly Red Cross of Daniel or Babylonian Pass, in which we learn of Zerubabbel's visit to the court of King Cyrus of Persia.

Knight of the East

Formerly Jordan Pass, which covers Zerubabbel's later visit to the court of King Darius.

Knight of the East and West

Formerly Royal Order, when Zerubabbel returns to his fellow countrymen in Jerusalem.

Master Masons having become Mark Master Masons and Royal Arch Masons, may after one year become Knight Masons. They may request to join a Council, they do not have to wait to be asked.

There are Knight Mason Councils throughout Ireland and in Ohio, U.S.A.; South Africa; Hong Kong; Jamaica; Tasmania; India; Gibraltar; Australia; New Zealand; Bermuda, Greece, England and Singapore.